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Laya Healthcare

Company Care Plus

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Child 1


Child 2


Child 3


Child 4


Young Adult




In Patient

Private Patient in a multi-occupancy (which may include semi-private) room in a public hospital and day case.


Public Hospital Private Room


Private Hospital Semi-Private Room


Private Hospital Private Room

Covered with shortfall of €50 per night; No shortfall applies to 5 orthopaedic procedures (hip and knee replacement) in 12 private hospitals

The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital, certain Cardiac Procedures


The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital, certain Special Procedures


Covered with shortfall of €175 per night; No shortfall applies to 5 orthopaedic procedures (hip and knee replacement)


The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital procedures other than Cardiac and Special


Covered with shortfall of €175 per night

Day Case Private Hospitals


Day Case The Blackrock Clinic, the Mater Private and the Beacon Hospital



€60 x 14 days

Cancer Support Benefit


€100 per night; Genetic testing consultation for cancer, 75% of costs towards initial consultation - subject to prior approval; Genetic screening for cancer risk, full cover in the Mater Private Dublin - subject to prior approval; Sleeping caps, full refund for 1 sleeping caps per membership year; Eyebrow tattooing (following cancer treatment), up to €100 once per membership year


Hospital Costs Up To 3 Nights

Full Cover

Home Births


Delivery Consultant Fees

Covered up to agreed charges incurred on day of delivery for participating consultants

Outpatient Maternity Consultant Care

50% up to €400

Post-Natal Home Help

Not covered

Post Natal Home Nursing

€1200 for up to 2 nights

Child Home Nursing

50% up to max of €2,800 per year

Pre/Post-Natal Care


Up to €500 combined receipts for a range of benefits including; car parking benefit-max €40 refund, new parent's food allowance-max €40 refund for up to 2 months before & 3 months after delivery & paediatric first aid course-max €40 refund

Child Healthcare Benefit

€250 for out-patient expenses if child in hospital more than 3 nights

Parent Accompanying Child

€105 x 14 not incl. first 3 days

Partner Benefit

Not covered

Breastfeeding Consultancy

€30 x 2

Other Maternity Benefits

Not covered

Fertility Benefits

€1000 per lifetime towards IVF, IUI, ICSI

Out-patient Benefits

Individual Excess


Family Excess


Consultant Fees


GP Visits

75% refund; GP Helpline; Nurseline; 100% cover X 3 visits HSE out of hours service; GP live X 10 consultations


75% x 25 visits; Physioline

Emergency Dental Care

50% up to €510 when carried out within 5 days

Non Emergency Dental

50% of charges up to €300 per year

Home Nursing

50% of charges up to €1,400 per year

A & E Charge

50% of charges up to €50 per visit; Quickcare-up to €300 for approved minor injuries and illness centres

Alternative Medicines-Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Osteopath

50% x 12 to each therapy

Dietician, Occupational Therapist, Chiropodist, Speech Therapist

Dietician 50% x 5; Chiropodist 50% x 5; Speech Therapy 50% x 8 + 50% up to €60 x 1 consultation, Occupational Therapy 50% x 5 + 50% up to €60 x 1 consultation

Psycho-Oncology Counselling

Not covered

Manual Lymph Drainage

€500 - not subject to outpatient excess

Hearing Test

50% to max of €40


50% to max of €150

Prescription Costs

Not covered

Employee Assistance Programme


Other Day To Day Practitioners

Physical Therapy 50% x 8; Reflexology 50% x 8; Orthoptists 50% x 8; Homeopathy 50% x 12; Healthcoach online assessment and personalised programmes - unlimited use; Healthcoach face-to-face consultation - full cover for 1 consultation every 2 years.

Child Speech And Language Therapy

50% x 8 plus 1 assessment up to €60


Travel Vaccinations 50% to max of €60

Outpatient Policy Limit


Out-patient Radiology

Approved Centres

MRI, CT and PET-CT covered in full in direct payment centres except cardiac CT's which are covered by non-direct payment terms. 50% refund on costs in non direct payment centres.

Non-Approved Centres

Not covered

Radiology Consultants' Fees

50% of costs

Radiology Test Fees

50% of costs

Health Screening

Full cover for Mammograms and Dexa scans in certain centres.50% refund every 2 years for sports health screening & executive health check; Men and Women's Cancer Screening 50% covered. Full cover for 'HeartBeat' cardiac screening, no excess; Home testing kits, 50% up to €40


Benefit Abroad For Surgical Procedures Available In Ireland


Covered in the EU subject to approval

Benefit Abroad For Surgical Procedures Not Available In Ireland


Covered in the EU subject to approval

Hospital Bill


Repatriation Expenses


Companion Repatriation Expenses


24 Hour Telephone Assistance


Expenses For Companion

Not covered

Psychiatric Cover

Inpatient Psychiatric Non Alcohol Drug

100 days

Inpatient Psychiatric Alcohol Related

91 days per 5 years

Outpatient Psychiatric Care


75% x 12 Mental Health Consultations in Dean Clinic; Adult Counselling 50% up to €40 x 8; 75% x12 eating disorder consultations at Lois Bridges; Counselling Support Benefit: 24/7 Telephone Counselling, full cover; Face to face/Video/Phone Counselling, full cover for 5 visits per issue; Cover for specific support services, full cover for 1 session per issue for legal, consumer & health advice, career guidance, life coach & mediation.