Public Hospital Waiver Form

Q: Do I have to pay for treatment in a public hospital as a public patient?

A: If you are admitted to a public hospital, a charge of €80 per day applies up to a maximum charge of €800 in any 12 consecutive months. No charge applies to medical card holders.

Q: I have private health insurance. Do I have to use my private health insurance when attending a public hospital?

A: No. On admission, the hospital may ask you to sign a form (a public hospital waiver form) agreeing that you wish to receive your treatment as a private patient and waiving your right to be treated as a public patient. If you do not sign this form you will be treated as a public patient. If you do sign this form you will be treated as a private patient.

Q: What are the charges applied by public hospitals to private patients?

A: Private patients are charged €800-€1000 per night for a private room and €659-€813 per night for a semi-private room, depending on the hospital attended, plus consultant fees. If you have private health insurance your insurer may cover some or all of these costs. Please note your insurer may not cover these costs if your health insurance plan does not cover that particular hospital or level of hospital accommodation, or if you are currently serving a waiting period.

Q: What charges will my insurer cover?

A: Providing you are not currently serving a waiting period, your insurer will cover the costs incurred as a public patient if your pan covers the hospital you’re attending.

Your insurer will also cover the cost of your treatment as a private patient if your plan covers the hospital you are attending and the level of hospital accommodation, and you are not within a waiting period.

Q: Will the hospital check with my insurer to verify I have adequate private health insurance cover?

A: No, you must contact the insurer yourself if you are unsure of your level of cover.