Restricted Membership Insurers (RMI)

Restricted Membership Insurers (RMI’s) provide insurance to people who are members of a particular group, normally a vocational group or employees of a particular organisation and their dependants. The following insurers are RMI’s:

  • ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund
  • Irish Life Assurance Plc Outdoor Staff Benevolent Fund
  • Irish Life Medical Aid Society
  • New Ireland/Irish National Staff Benevolent Fund
  • Prison Officers Medical Aid Society
  • St Paul's Garda Medical Aid Society
  • The Goulding Voluntary Medical Scheme

If a member of a restricted insurer would like to leave their insurer and switch to an open membership insurer, such as Irish Life Health, Vhi Healthcare, Laya Healthcare or HSF Health Plan, they may do so and the time spent with their restricted insurer will be taken into account. Once a customer has completed their new customer waiting periods with the restricted membership insurer and has not had a break in cover of more than 13 weeks, only upgrade waiting periods may be applied to any higher benefits on the new plan with the open insurer.