COVID-19 and your Health Insurance Policy

Will receiving a Covid-19 vaccination affect my Health Insurance?

Getting a Covid­-19 vaccine does not impact a person’s health insurance policy. If a consumer with health insurance were to suffer side effects of an approved vaccine which required hospitalisation, then the customer’s costs would be covered subject to their plan and level of cover. 

If you have any questions on your level of cover please contact your insurer.

I had Covid-19, will my premium go up?

No. Private Health Insurance in In Ireland is based on the principles of community rating, open enrolment and lifetime cover.

Every consumer pays the same premium for the same health insurance policy, regardless of age or state of health.  So if you are 75, and in ill health, with many hospital visits - your health insurance premium will cost the same as someone who is 30 with no health problems and no hospital visits.

This is called community rating. 

Community rating means that the cost of health insurance is not based on risk, which means that as you get older and your health may become an issue, you cannot be charged more for your health insurance, unlike other risk-based insurance such as motor insurance. 

Lifetime community rating modifies community rating so that the premium that individuals pay for health insurance increases with the age at which they enter the private health insurance market. It does not vary in relation to their current age.

Open enrolment guarantees you the right to buy any health insurance product on the market regardless of age or risk status.

Lifetime cover guarantees you the right to renew your cover regardless of age or risk status - this means as a consumer you cannot be denied the right to renew your cover by your health insurer.


Will my health insurance cover me if I get Covid-19?

The HSE state that no charges will apply for Covid-19 tests or treatment in public hospitals.

Further information is available here:

Will my health insurance cover the cost of a Covid-19 test in a private hospital?

The insurers have reached agreement with a number of private hospitals and are still in negotiations with others.

Where an agreement has been reached, no cost will be imposed on the member directly.

Where the cost of the pre- admission covid test has been collected prior to an agreement being reached,  it will be up to the hospital to reimburse you directly, if applicable.
Each consumer should confirm the position with their individual insurer.

As soon as insurers make their position clear in relation to all other private hospitals, the HIA will make this information available to consumers.