June 2012

Laya Healthcare new benefit 05.06.2012

Laya healthcare will add a new benefit to all plans on 5 June 2012. The 'HeartBeat' service will include:

  • A personal & family history questionnaire
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood pressure recording
  • Physical examination
  • 12 lead electrocardiogram

This benefit will be available immediately from this date to all new and existing customers who took out a plan in 2012 and on a renewal basis for customers who took out policies in 2011.

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Vhi premium change on PMI 28 12 plan 16.06.2012

Vhi Healthcare will increase premiums on PMI 28 12 on 16 June 2012. Adult premiums will increase from €915.55 to €1,065 per adult. Child premiums of €162.22 per child and student premiums of €367.11 per student will increase to €375 per child (1-3)/student.

These new premiums will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.

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Aviva Health rule and benefit changes 17.06.2012

With effect from 17 June 2012, Aviva Health will provide student rates up to age 21 across all plans, where previously student rates were provided up to age 23.

Aviva Health will continue to cover newborns free of charge up to their first renewal date, however newborns will no longer be covered free of charge to their first renewal after their first birthday.

Also with effect from 17 June 2012 Aviva Health will standardise the out-patient excess on all plans to €200 per...

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Laya Healthcare cancellation rules change 18.06.2012

Laya healthcare will amend their cancellation rules from 18 June 2012. From this date, for all new and renewing customers, mid-term cancellations will not receive any premium refund and the balance of the year's premium will be due. For policies that commenced or renewed prior to 18 June 2012, a proportion of the year's premium will be refunded on mid-term cancellation, if there have been no inpatient or day-patient claims.

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