June 2013

Glo Health introduce new personalised packages 22.06.2013

Glohealth will discontinue the  Kids Health Package and the Family Health and Leisure Package on the 22 June 2013. A new package, Family & Kids Health Package will be available from this date. The package will include contributions towards the following benefits:

Baby Swim Classes   
The Little Gym   
Baby Massage Course   
Clap Handies Play Labs
Family First Aid   
Annual Family Flu Vaccine   
Child Nutritionist   
Child Speech &...

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GloHealth benefit changes 22.06.2013

GloHealth will introduce two benefit changes on 22 June 2013

Benefit change to Basic Plan.

The out-patient benefit for non-approved scan centres will be covered to a maximum of 60%.

Benefit change to Best Plan Ultimate Cash.

A new benefit provided for outpatient consultants fees will be introduced: Consultant fees (which lead to an elective procedure) €...

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Aviva release 8 new plans 28.06.2013

Aviva release 8 new plans 28.06.2013

Aviva Health have released 8 new plans:
Value Focus
Day2Day Focus
First Focus
First Focus for Nurses and Teachers
Future Focus

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