February 2015

Vhi Healthcare price and benefit change 01.02.2015

Vhi Healthcare will reduce the premiums on their PMI 08 11 plan on 1 February 2015 from €1,138 to €1,083.33 per adult, from €355.20 to €273.78 per child 1-3 and from €388.80 to €376 per student.

The Employee Assistance Programme benefit will also be removed on 1 February.

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.

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Aviva release 3 new plans 06.02.2015

Teachers Starter (€946.80 per adult, €270.20 per child 1-3, €108 per child 4, €451.20 per student 1-3, €319.20 per student 4) covers a private room in selected public hospitals, a private room in selected private hospitals and a private room and day case cover in the Beacon Hospital. 
A €150 excess applies to private hospital claims and a €2000 co-payment applies to certain cardiac & orthopaedic procedures in a private hospital.
€400 is provided towards maternity cover in...

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