April 2016

GloHealth price increase and benefit change 15.04.2016

GloHealth will increase the premiums of Base, Base Lite and Initiate plan by 10% on 15 April 2016.

Additionally they will remove the outpatient excess for scan cover in approved centres on these plans.

These changes will apply to all...

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Aviva Health various changes 30.04.2016 and 01.05.2016

From 30 April 2016 Aviva will change premiums across a number of its plans. Aviva will reduce rates on Aviva Select More, Aviva Select More with Day 2 Day pack, Aviva Select More with Emergency Access pack, and Aviva Select More with Day 2 Day & Emergency packs.

Aviva will also reduce the day case excess in private hospitals, the Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private and Beacon private hospitals from €150 to €75 for the above 4 plans. The orthopaedic co-payment for day case procedures...

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Vhi plan withdrawals 01.05.2016

Vhi will withdraw the following plans on 1 May 2016. Customers will be offered another plan on their renewal date.

HealthPlus Excess 250
Health Extra
Health Choice

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Benefit changes to Vhi’s Healthsteps plans 01.05.2016

Vhi will introduce a maximum benefit limit that can be claimed from Healthsteps Silver and Healthsteps Gold on 1 May 2016. The maximum limit will be €4,000 and €6,000 respectively. This change will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.

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GloHealth various changes 01.05.2016

From 1 May GloHealth will amend rates on the following plans:

Better Saver
Better Choice
Better Pro
Better Advantage
Best Choice
Net One
Net One Extra Privacy
Net More 100
Net More 100 Extra Privacy
Net More 100 Extra Cardiac
Net More 100 Extra Privacy & Extra Cardiac
Net More 300
Net More 300 Extra Privacy
Net More 300 Extra Cardiac
Net More...

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Laya Healthcare price change 01.05.2016

Laya Healthcare will end it's kid’s offer on 1 May. Second and subsequent children premiums will increase to the premiums outlined below:

Advantage 125 Explore  €245.20
Advantage 125 Plus       €303.46
Advantage 125 Choice   €384.32
Flex 125 Explore             €269.55
Flex 125 Plus                  €327.81
Flex 125 Choice              €410.83
Flex 175 Explore             €296.76

Laya Healthcare will also carry out a price increase on the Essential...

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Vhi Price changes 01.05.2016

Vhi will change the prices of several plans on 1 May.

Adult premiums will change from -1% to +7%. A full list of price changes can be found here. File01....

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