February 2017

Vhi amendments to PMI 08 11 and PMI 26 12 01.02.2017

Vhi Healthcare will make changes to the prices and benefits of PMI 08 11 and PMI 26 12 on 1 February 2017.

PMI 08 11 will increase in price from €1,132.40 to €1,156.38 per adult and from €281.99 to €287.06 per child 1-3. Young adult prices will also increase. VHI will add the Vhi Fertility Programme to the plan and Vhi Swiftcare benefits will increase from 5 visits at €75 per visit, to 7 visits at €125 per visit, per year.

PMI 26 12 will increase in price from €1,219.11 to €1,...

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GloHealth price reduction on Best Ultimate Active 02.02.2017

GloHealth will reduce the price of the Best Ultimate Active plan on 2 February.

Adult premiums will reduce from €1,739.85 to €1,621.00; children’s premiums will reduce from €346.20 to €339.20. Young adult premiums will also reduce.

This change will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.

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GloHealth now part of Irish Life 22.02.2017

GloHealth is now fully owned by the Irish Life Group, who have established a new health insurer called Irish Life Health. GloHealth will no longer be open for new or renewing business from 22nd February 2017, but it will remain business as usual for their existing members until their renewal dates.

Nothing will change for existing members, their plan and cover level will remain exactly the same and any claims will be processed as normal. Existing customers will remain GloHealth...

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