Aviva Health rule and benefit changes 17.06.2012

With effect from 17 June 2012, Aviva Health will provide student rates up to age 21 across all plans, where previously student rates were provided up to age 23.

Aviva Health will continue to cover newborns free of charge up to their first renewal date, however newborns will no longer be covered free of charge to their first renewal after their first birthday.

Also with effect from 17 June 2012 Aviva Health will standardise the out-patient excess on all plans to €200 per member, excluding members on Level 2 Hospital, Level 2 Hospital with day-to-day, Level 2 Hospital Nurses and Teachers and Level 2 Hospital Nurses and Teachers with day-to-day and Level 2 Complete Health.

The repatriation benefit on Level 2 Complete Health is also changing from €2 million to €1million.

The benefit provided for public hospital inpatient care, will be reduced from private room cover to semi-private room cover in the following plans:

Business Plan Choice*
Business Plan Hospital
Business Plan Plus
Level 1 Everyday*
Level 1 Access
Level 1 Everyday Nurses*
Level 1 Everyday Teachers*
Level 1 Plan*
Level 1 Hospital*
Level 1 Hospital Nurses*
Level 1 Hospital Teachers*
Health Value Plan
Family Value Plan
Level 2 Family Health
Level 2 Health Excess
Nurses and Teachers Choice
Postbank Daily Level 1*
Postbank Health Level 1*

*These plans will also see reductions in the amounts provided for private hospital and hi-tech hospital day case procedures and for hi-tech listed cardiac procedures.

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.