Aviva rules and benefits changes 01.08.2012

Aviva Health will no longer allow mid-term cancellations without penalty, from 1 August 2012. Where a policyholder cancels their policy prior to the end of the policy year, or does not pay their premium in accordance with the terms of the policy for the full duration of the policy year, Aviva Health will charge a mid-term cancellation fee.  The mid-term cancellation charge will consist of the health insurance levy calculated on a pro-rata basis for each adult, student and child on the policy for the remainder of the policy term, together with an administration fee of €25 per policy.

Aviva will amend their Post Natal Home Help benefit, from cover for 3 days provided by Home Help Assistant, to cover for 2 days Post Natal Home Help provided by 2 Home Help Assistants on 1 August.

The discount on Doula services will be changed from €300 to €200 per year.  Currently if a member does not claim Post Natal Home Help they are entitled to claim up to an additional €300 off Doula.  This will be reduced to €120 from 1 August.  

Plans with Asthma Care benefit will change from an Aviva Contribution of €65 per adult and €135 per child to a fixed point of sale €45 discount for Aviva Health Members.

These changes apply from 1 August 2012 for all new and renewing customers.