GloHealth price and benefit changes 01.12.2015

GloHealth will change the prices across their Net scheme and some of their Core scheme from 1 December 2015. Adult prices will change from -4% to 15%, a full list of the new prices can be found here.

Glohealth will also add the following benefits to the Better Plan Select Cash plan:

1. Addition of GloDoc
2. Addition of the standard wellness module (Flu Vaccine fully Covered in Tropical Medical Bureau, Child Sports Club Membership of €30 per child per year and Cardiac Screening €50 per year)
3. Addition of clinical psychologists €25 x 7 in daily care
4. Addition of €50 travel vaccination
5. Reduction of private room in private hospital excess from €200 per night to €100 per night

These changes are effective from this date.