Health Insurance age related tax credits increased for 2012 12.01.2012

Community Rating Health Insurance Levy and Age Related Tax Credits

The Irish State supports the private health insurance market through tax relief at source of 20% of health insurance premiums.

It also supports the community rated market by providing age related tax credits in respect of those over the age of 60 that help to meet their higher claims costs.

Tax Credits 2011 Tax Credits 2012  
Age Range 2011   Age Range 2012  
60-69 €625 60-64 €600
    65-69 €975
70-79 €1,275 70-74 €1,400
    75-79 €2,025
 80+  €1,725 80-84 €2,400
    85+ €2,700






Older people pay the same premium net of these tax credits for their health insurance as younger adults pay. These credits are funded by a levy paid by health insurers.

Levy 2011 2012
Adult €205 €285
Child €66 €95




This measure is designed to be Exchequer neutral.

The tax credits and the levy, like the tax relief at source of 20% premium, are administered by the health insurance companies. The price of health insurance quoted by the health insurance companies allows for these measures.

These terms apply to the in-patient plans of Aviva Health, Quinn Healthcare and Vhi Healthcare