Irish Life Health price and benefit changes 12.06.2018

Irish Life Health will change the premiums of a large number of plans on 12 June 2018. Net adult premiums will change from +3 to -10%. Irish Life Health will be offering a ‘One Month Free’ special offer on its BeneFit range from 12 June.  A full price template can be found here.FileILH Pricelist 12.06.2018.xlsx

Irish Life Health will make a number of benefit changes across its plans on 12 June 2018, all benefit changes can be seen here FileILH Benefit Changes 12.06.18.xlsx.

Changes include:

  • Maternity benefits such as; Postnatal Domestic Support, Postnatal Support, Postnatal Home Early Support following 1 or 2 nights stay in hospital, Antenatal Class, Maternity Mental Health Support, Welcome Home Food Hamper and access to GentleBirth App.
  • The addition of Minor Injury Clinic Cover benefit to 16 plans. This benefit will provide cover towards attending Irish Life Health’s approved minor injury clinics.
  • Cover for the HPV Vaccine will be added to 16 plans.

These price and benefit changes apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.