Laya Healthcare benefit changes 01.03.2014

Laya Healthcare will change some benefits on their plans on 1 March 2014.

Laya Healthcare will change the direct payment and outpatient MRI/CT/PET scans benefit on the Essential Secure plan. The benefit will be changed to:

Direct payment rule: Full cover in direct payment public hospitals and scanning centres. 66% cover in direct payment private hospitals.

Outpatient Rule: Full refund up to a maximum of €500 per member per year for public hospitals and scanning centres. 66% cover, up to €500, in a private hospital.

The Blackrock Clinic will be added to the cardiac benefit in hi tech hospitals for the following plans:

Health Manager Starter
Personal Care
Essential Plus Starter
Essential Starter
Essential Health
Company Care Starter
Credit Union Starter

A reduced cardiac list will apply to these plans. The HIA does not hold these lists. Please contact Laya for more information.

Lois Bridges out-patient Mental Health Consultations will be added to all plans except Health Protect, StudentCare and the Money Smart plans

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.