Laya Healthcare general price change 01.04.2017

Laya Healthcare will carry out premium amendments on 128 schemes from 1 April 2017. Premiums will increase from 3.6% to19.2% on adult net premiums over 124 plans. The four Assure plans will reduce in price from 1.4% to 6.4% on adult net premiums.

The “free kids” offer on Essential Connect Family will end on 1 April, however, the second and subsequent children will be offered free cover on the following plans from 1 April instead:

Flex 125 Explore

Flex 125 Plus

Flex 125 Choice

Flex 175 Explore

Advantage 125 Explore

Advantage 125 Plus

Advantage 125 Choice 

File01.04.2017 Laya Pricing Template Web.xlsx