Laya Healthcare new plans 01.03.2016

Laya Healthcare will release 11 new plans on 1 March 2016.
Assure Protect
Advantage 175 Plus      
Advantage 125 Choice     
Flex 125 Plus          
Flex 125 Choice     
Advantage 375 Explore    
Advantage 375 Plus    
Advantage 375 Choice    
Flex 375 Explore    
Flex 375 Plus         
Flex 375 Choice

A price template can be found here.

Assure Protect will provide cover for a semi private room in a public hospital.

The Flex and Advantage plans provide cover for a semi-private room in a public hospital, a semi-private room and day case cover in private hospitals with a €125, €175 or €375 in-patient excess , depending on the plan. Full cover is provided for certain cardiac procedures in the Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private and Beacon private hospitals with no excess.
Everyday medical expenses benefits vary between the plans. The "Plus" and "Choice" version of each plan has significant day to day benefits with a €50 and €1 out-patient excess.

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.