Laya Healthcare price and benefit changes 01.03.2016

Laya Healthcare will change a number of prices and benefits on 1 March 2016. Net adult prices will change from -7% to + 11%. A full price template can be found here.

Laya healthcare will carry out benefit changes from 1 March 2016:
1. The Hi-Tech hospital day case excess on Flex 175 Explore will be reduced from €175 to €75.
2. The Private hospital day case excess on Advantage 175 Explore will be reduced from €100 to €75.
3. The Physioline benefit will be extended to the Flex 175 & Advantage 175 Explore products.
4. The Beacon hospital will be removed from the Advantage 175 Explore product.
5. laya healthcare will now include cover for dental x-rays as part of its routine dental benefit.
6. laya healthcare is changing the overseas rule as follows: Your membership of the scheme will end immediately if you stop living in Ireland for a consecutive six month period.
7. laya healthcare will be changing the payment amount with regards to Maternity Consultants. A laya healthcare member will still be entitled to full cover for inpatient delivery costs where the rate has been reduced from €804 to €774. The benefit covers the delivery consultant, anaesthetist, pathology and a paediatric consultation in hospital. While there is a change in the rate, there is no change in the current levels of cover offered to a member.

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.