Laya Healthcare release new plan CompanyCare Advanced 01.12.2017

Laya Healthcare will release a new plan CompanyCare Advanced (€4,300 per adult, €900 per child) on 1 December 2017. This plan provides full cover for a private room in all public and private hospitals. Full cover is also provided for 3 days in a private room in a public maternity hospital plus a grant of €3,750 towards a home birth. There are significant outpatient benefits such as 100% refund up to €80 X 3 GP visits and 75% thereafter, 100% cover up to €175 X 3 consultant visits with 75% up to €175 thereafter, and 50% refund for physiotherapy and alternative practitioners. Outpatient benefits which carry a 50% refund benefit will see the refund increase to 75% refund when outpatient claims exceed €315.

This plan is available to all new and renewing customers from this date.