Laya Healthcare will introduce orthopaedic co-payment on 2 hospitals 01.05.2014

From 1 May 2014 Laya Healthcare will be introducing a co-payment for 5 listed orthopaedic procedures (hip and knee replacement) for the Galway Clinic & the Beacon Hospital for the following schemes for new and renewing customers.

Advantage 125 Choice
Advantage 125 Explore
Advantage 125 Plus
Advantage 250 Choice
Advantage 250 Explore
Advantage 250 Plus
Advantage 500 Choice
Advantage 500 Explore
Advantage 500 Plus
Aspire Flex 250 Explore
CompanyCare (Excess)
CompanyCare (Excess)
CompanyCare (No Excess)
CompanyCare Choice
CompanyCare Starter
CompanyHealth Plus (Excess)
CompanyHealth Plus (No Excess)
CompanyHealth Plus EAP (No Excess)
ConnectCare 500
ConnectChoice 500
Credit Union Family
Credit Union Starter
Essential Complete
Essential Connect
Essential Connect Family
Essential Connect Saver
Essential Health
Essential Plus (Excess & No Excess)
Essential Plus Starter
Essential Select
Essential Value 500
Flex 125 Choice
Flex 125 Explore
 Flex 125 Plus
Flex 250 Choice
Flex 250 Explore
Flex 250 Plus
Flex 500 Choice
Flex 500 Explore
Flex 500 Plus
Health Sense (Excess)
Health Sense Complete
Health Sense Connect
Health Smart
Health Smart Family
HealthManager First
HealthManager Starter
HealthWise Plus (No Excess)
SimplyHealth (Excess)
SimplyHealth Connect
SimplyHealth Starter
Teach Plus
Total Health Choice
Total Health Complete

If one of the specified orthopaedic procedures is carried out in a private hospital other than the Galway Clinic or Beacon, an excess will not be applied, where one would usually be applicable under the terms of the plan.

Co-payment amounts will differ dependent on procedure and hospital and will be available through Laya Healthcare’s contact centre or alternatively they will be available on their website for member reference.

The following plans will not have a co-payment and where one of the specified orthopaedic procedures is carried out in a private hospital, no excess per private hospital claim will be applied to the procedure, where one would usually be applied under the benefits of the scheme.

Company Care Gold
Company Care Plus
Company Care Premium No Excess
Company Care Premium with Excess
Complete Care
Essential Gold
Health Manager
Health Manager Gold
Health Manager Silver
SimplyHealth Choice
Total Health No Excess
Total Health Plus
Total Health Select

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.