Laya Healthcare will release SimplyHealth Choice on 02.05.201414.

Laya Healthcare will release SimplyHealth Choice (€1,175 per adult, €384 per student/child) on 2 May 2014.

This plan provides cover for a private room in a public hospital, a semi-private room in private hospitals with a €50 or €175 excess per private hospital claim, depending on which private hospital you're attending.

Full cover is provided for certain cardiac procedures in the Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private and Beacon private hospitals with no excess. Non cardiac procedures and day case procedures in these hospitals are covered with a €250 excess per claim and semi-private cover with an additional €175 shortfall per night.

Three nights cover in a public hospital is provided for maternity hospital costs and up to €3,500 for home births.

The plan has significant outpatient benefits such as 50% refund of the costs of GP, physiotherapists and alternative practitioners visits with a €1 outpatient excess per year.

This plan is available to all new and existing customers from this date.