Vhi amend rules booklets 01.06.2011

Vhi no longer allow mid-term cancellation and will amend their rules booklets on 1 June 2011 to include the penalty payable upon breach of the 12 month contract.

Customers who breach their contract mid-term through non-payment and have had no claims in that contract year, will be charged a €50 administration fee plus the health insurance levy pro-rata for the remainder of the time left on the policy (the health insurance levy is currently €205 per adult and €66 per child). Vhi will not refund premiums already paid.

For customers who have had claims in that policy year, Vhi will seek the total outstanding premium.

Note: All customers with a renewal date prior to 1 May will be liable for the full policy premium upon cancellation. Customers with a renewal date from 1 May will be affected by the changes made to their rules booklets on 1 May where Vhi will seek a penalty upon non-payment of the contract rather than the full premium, as long as no claims have been paid. Amendments to rules booklets on 1 June further clarify previous changes made on 1 May which states a penalty will be sought upon breach of contract.