Vhi benefit change 09.02.11

Vhi is reducing orthopaedic and ophthalmic benefits on the following plans for renewals from 9th February. The benefit paid for hospital charges for participating private hospitals for specified hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement procedures and specified ophthalmic procedures is being reduced from 100% of the cost to 80% of the cost.

The plans being changed are as follows Company Plan
Company Plan Extra
Company Plan Extra Excess
Company Plan Extra Level 1
Company Plan Extra Level 2
Company Plan Extra Level 2 Excess
Company Plan Extra Level 3
Company Plan Plus Level 1
Company Plan Plus Level 1.1
Company Plan Plus Level 1.2
Company Plan Plus Select
Corporate Plan
WellPlus 1
WellPlus 1 Excess
WellPlus 2
PMI 01 11
PMI 02 11
PMI 03 11
PMI 05 11
PMI 07 11

The prices of these plans are also increasing by 10%-25% from the 9th February.