Vhi launch new PMI 10 11 plan 01.07.2011

Vhi Healthcare will launch a new plan PMI 10 11 (€807.22), on 1 July 2011. This plan will give cover for a private room in a public hospital and a semi-private room in a private hospital with a €125 inpatient excess. The benefit paid for participating private hospitals for specified hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement procedures and specified ophthalmic procedures will be provided at 80% of the cost.

There is a maternity accommodation grant of €3,400 with significant outpatient benefits, which carry an outpatient excess of €30 per person. Outpatient benefits typically provide €25 x 4 visits towards GP and dental and €60 x 4 visits towards outpatient consultant fees.

This plan will be available for all new and renewing customers from this date.