Vhi One Plan Benefit Changes 22.03.2010

One plan (originally called First Plan Extra) will see the following benefit and prices changes effective from the 22nd March 2010 for all new and renewing customers:

1. The Hermitage will be considered a hi-tech hospital for this policy.
2. Maternity cover will increase from 1 days public hospital cover to 3 days public hospital cover.
3. Cover for medical and surgical appliances has been reduced from €6,500 per member with a €300 excess to €3,200 with a €300 excess.
4. Consultant consultations is reduced from €60 per visit to €60 x 7

Prices will be reduced from €710 per adult to €639 per adult. Child prices will be reduced from €355 per child to €319.50 per child. Student prices remain the same. It will be available at this price from 22nd March to 1st May 2010. Student prices are available to age 22 on this plan.