Vhi rate and benefit changes to PMI plans 01.08.2013

Vhi will change the premiums of PMI 10 11, PMI 12 11, PMI 14 11, PMI 16 11 and PMI 29 12 on 1 August. The premiums will increase by an average of 2%.

The following benefit changes will be applied on the same date:

PMI 10 11
Removal of Aut Even and Whitfield private hospitals.

PMI 14 11
Removal of Mater Private, Cork and Galway Clinic private hospitals.

PMI 16 11
Removal of Mater Private, Cork, Bons Secours Cork, Bon Secours Tralee, Bon Secours Galway and Galway Clinic private hospitals and the inclusion of new health screening benefit.

PMI 29 12
Removal of Whitfield Clinic, Aut Even, Bon Secours Tralee and Mater Private Cork private hospitals.

These changes apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.