Vhi rate and benefit changes to PMI plans 01.09.2013

Vhi will change the benefits of PMI 15 11, PMI 19 11 and PMI 04 11 on 1 September.

The following benefit changes will be applied on this date:

PMI 15 11
Removal of Aut Even, Whitfield Clinic, Mater Private Cork, Bons Secours Cork and Bons Secours Dublin private hospitals.

PMI 19 11
Removal of Mater Private, Cork, Bons Secours Cork, Bon Secours Tralee and Bon Secours Dublin private hospitals and a private hospital excess increase from €75 to €125 per claim.

The adult premiums will also increase from €977.78 to €987.78, Children 1-3 will increase from €348.33 to €352.22 and students from €422.90 to €427.50.

PMI 04 11
A new pre & post infertility benefit will be introduced. This benefit is available once per person per lifetime and provides up to €500 towards the cost of pathology & radiology, carried out in an approved Vhi Healthcare provider, in connection with specified infertility treatments.

An infertility benefit of €2,000 per member per lifetime, carried out in an approved Vhi Healthcare provider for IUI, IVF and ICSI treatments has also been added.

These changes apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.