Vhi release 2 new plans 22.07.2011

Vhi Healthcare will release two new plans on 22 July 2011; One Plan 250 and One Plan 500.

One Plan 250 (€695 per adult) gives cover for a semi-private room in a public hospital and a semi-private room in a private hospital. A €250 inpatient excess will apply to the first 2 private hospital claims, with no excess thereafter. Listed orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures in private hospitals will be covered 60% with no excess. There is no cover for the Blackrock Clinic or the Mater Private hospitals. Maternity benefit provides €400 towards public hospital accommodation costs. There is a €250 outpatient excess and an outpatient benefit of €60 x 7 visits for outpatient consultant visits.

One Plan 500 (€595) provides the same benefits but the inpatient excess is €500 for the first two claims, with no excess thereafter.