VHI release new plan, PMI 34 13 on 10.10.2013

VHI will release PMI 34 13 (€2,999 per adult, €849 for child 1-3 and €1149.99 for student 1-4) on 10 October 2013.

This product provides cover for a private room in public hospitals, a private room in private hospitals, a semi-private room in the Mater Private hospital, a private room in the Beacon hospital and full cover for day case, cardiac and special procedures in the Blackrock Clinic.

There is a maternity accommodation and home birth grant of €3,500 for private hospitals and pre and post natal care benefit of €2,500. There are also significant outpatient benefits with a €1 excess, such as €80 x 20 visits to a GP and physiotherapist.

This plan is available to all new and renewing customers from 10 October 2013.