Vhi Release One Plus Plan 22.03.2010

One Plus Plan (€648 per adult) will be released today 22nd March 2010. It will be available at this price from 22nd March to 1st May 2010. It is the same as One Plan with the following improved benefits in comparison to One Plan:

1. Maternity grant of €4,000 with home births.
2. Post natal home nursing benefit; €600 after 1 day, €300 after 2.
3. Pre/post natal benefit €300.
4. It has child nursing benefit of €100 x 14
5. It has benefit for Parent Accompanying Child of €40 x 14

It has no travel vaccination benefit and Vhi Swiftcare benefit is changed from per adult to per child. Mental Health Assessment of €100 every 2 years has been removed.

Student prices are available to age 22 on this plan.