What happens if I allow my health insurance to lapse for more than 13 weeks?

If you allow your health insurance to lapse for more than 13 weeks you may have to serve your waiting periods again and a Lifetime Community Rating loading may be applied to your premium if you are age 35 or older.

I have an existing condition; may I switch health insurers? Will I be covered for my condition straight away?

You may switch health insurers regardless of your existing conditions. If you have completed your new customer waiting periods, you will be covered immediately for any existing condition. However if you wish to use a benefit on the new plan which is higher than the benefit provided on the old plan, you may have to serve an upgrade waiting period before full cover for this benefit is available. Please see our section on upgrade waiting periods for more details.

If I upgrade my cover do I have to serve a waiting period?

If you upgrade your cover you may have to serve an additional waiting period in respect of the extra benefits you receive as a result of the upgrade in cover. You can view the different waiting periods currently applied by the insurers to new or existing conditions, under our section on upgrade waiting periods.

What happens if I switch from my current insurer and wish to return to them at a later date?

In general, health insurance policies are 12 month contracts. If you switch insurer and later decide you want to switch back, you may do so at your next renewal date. In some cases the insurers allow policy holders to switch plans during the 12 month contract term. The insurer may only impose waiting periods for any extra benefits available on your new plan.