Laya Plan 'Prime' benefit additions from 01.08.2019

1. There will be a number of benefit additions to Prime from 1st August 2019:

a. Gender Reassignment Surgery Abroad will be covered up to €30,000
b. Fertility Preservation will be covered up to €1,500 per lifetime for egg freezing or €200 per lifetime for Sperm freezing
c. HRT for Gender Dysphoria will be covered up to €500 per lifetime
d. Foetal Screening will be covered up to €150 per year

2. The rule changes which applied to all products included in the July notification, will apply to Prime from 1st August 2019.

Laya price increases, benefit changes and plan retirements/ releases from 01.07.2019

Laya have given the following notification for 1st July 2019.

1. There will be price adjustments on a number of schemes from 1st July, details are attached in the pricing template.

2. Laya Healthcare will launch 4 new products from 1st July called ‘Signify’, ‘Signify Plus’, ‘Inspire’ and ‘Inspire Plus’. Full scheme details are included in the attached product summaries and prices included in the pricing template.

3. The following 37 schemes will be removed from the market and no longer available to purchase from 1st July 2019.


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