The operations of the Authority are funded by a levy on registered undertakings in accordance with Section 17 of the Health Insurance Act, 1994.

In 2001 at the establishment of the Authority the levy was set at 0.14% of premium income, S.I. No. 255/2001 - The Health Insurance Act, 1994 (Section 17) Levy Regulations, 2001.  The 2010 Levy Regulations set the rate to be paid by registered undertakings at 0.12% of premium income of registered undertakings.  Statutory Instrument 528/2014, Health Insurance Act 1994 (Section 17) Levy Regulations 2014 further amended the income levy setting the rate at 0.01% for 2015 and 2016 and at 0.09% from 2017.  The levy is payable to the Authority on a quarterly basis in arrears.  Registered undertakings are also obliged to submit details of the numbers of insured persons and the premium income.