Strategic plan

Our current strategy outlines five principal strategic priorities for the period 2022-2024

Drive consumer focused health insurance regulation

We will use our thought leadership and understanding of the health insurance and related markets to design and implement effective regulation that delivers a competitive market, value for consumers and considers future needs.

Ensure compliance and accountability through regulatory best practice

We will use our powers to ensure effective compliance by insurance companies, through inspections, audits and providing guidance on all aspects of regulatory obligations.

Build consumer trust and empower consumers to make informed decisions

We will build trust with consumers that the health insurance market can deliver benefit and value, by providing them with reliable information on prices, rights and obligations and the tools to make considered decisions. We will mitigate the impact of product proliferation by empowering  consumers to make informed choices.

Invest in digital capacity to enhance our capabilities

We will Invest in our digital infrastructure and expertise to enhance our capabilities with regard to market intelligence, managing compliance and improving the consumer experience.

Develop our people to deliver effective outcomes and high standards of corporate governance

We will identify our workforce needs and invest in our staff to help them deliver a quality service and high standards of corporate governance.

HIA Strategic Plan 2022-24

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