Health insurance comparison

The comparison tool will give you an overview of the features and benefits of all private health insurance plans available in Ireland. It will help you to decide which health insurance plan is best for your health needs and budget.

Buying private health insurance is an important decision, so you should check the full plan and price details with the insurer before making your final decision. You are responsible for choosing the health insurance plan that is best for you. If there are features that are particularly important to you, for example if you want cover for a specific hospital or consultant, you should check with the insurer before entering into any health insurance contract.

The comparison tool is for information purposes only. You can’t use the comparison tool itself to buy health insurance. If you want to buy health insurance, you should read the insurer’s terms and conditions carefully before entering into a contract.

The comparison tool may link to third-party websites. The Health Insurance Authority (HIA) has no control over third-party websites. The HIA does not accept responsibility or liability for the content, availability, or functionality of third-party websites.

The comparison tool displays today's prices as given to the HIA by the insurers. The price and plan details may change in the future. For information about future price and benefit changes, please visit the Latest News section of our website or contact the insurer directly. The HIA cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information available on the comparison tool. The HIA takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. While the HIA is confident that the comparison tool provides helpful information for consumers, it is not intended to be interpreted as offering insurance, financial, legal or other advice.