Cash Plan Waiting Periods

Rules surrounding waiting periods, switching and upgrading of your cash plan are governed by the same legislation that applies to inpatient health insurance plans as described in our pages on "New Customer Waiting Periods" and "Switching/Upgrading waiting periods".

Cash Plan New Customer Waiting Periods

New Customer Maximum Waiting Periods
Accident and Injuries Illnesses that commence after you join Illnesses that commence before you join Maternity related claims
None 26 weeks 5 years 52 weeks

*Rules concerning pre-existing conditions do not apply to Dental and Optical, General Practitioner and Emergency Department, Prescriptions and Chiropody/Podiatry

Cash Plan Upgrade/Switching Waiting Periods

If you are switching plans, the following maximum waiting periods may be applied to any higher benefit on the new plan:



Any higher benefit

2 years

Maternity benefits

52 weeks