Register of Health Benefit Undertakings

Register of Health Benefit Undertakings

The Authority maintains the Registrar of Health Benefit Undertakings in paper format at its offices.  In order to carry on the business of health insurance in Ireland, it is necessary for health insurers to be registered with the Authority, as per Section 14 of the Health Insurance Act 1994.  An undertaking shall be registered upon application if it is the holder of an authorisation (within the meaning of the European Communities (Non -Life Insurance) Framework Regulations 1994) for the time being in force to carry on non-life insurance business and complies with the provisions of the Health Insurance Act, 1994.

Registration is for a period of 12 months.

There are three types of Registered Undertaking in Ireland

  1. Registered Undertakings such as Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare and Vhi Healthcare that provide in-patient health insurance cover and must accept, subject to certain limited terms and conditions, all persons who wish to purchase private health insurance. These insurers may also provide cash benefit plans.
  2. Registered Undertakings, the membership of which is restricted to employees of particular organisations, that provide in-patient health insurance cover.
  3. Registered Undertakings that provide cash benefit plans such as HSF Health Plan.

The list of registered Undertakings as at 31 May 2022 can be reviewed here


New Entrants                                                                                    

The Authority welcomes new entrants to the private health insurance market in Ireland. The Authority provides information to potential new entrants on:

  • The legislative environment in which private health insurance in Ireland operates
  • The private healthcare delivery system in Ireland
  • Non commercially sensitive statistical information on private health insurance in Ireland