Irish Life Health Price and Benefit Changes 01.01.2023

Irish Life Health will have a number of price changes as of 1st January 2023. 

Full details can be found at the end of the page below. 

Irish Life Health have also announced the following benefit changes: 

A number of benefit additions and contribution changes will apply to Better Select ILH from the above date.  This includes amendments to some out-patient benefits and the addition of new benefits to selected personalised packages.

Cover for the Gender Affirmation Benefit will increase on HealthGuide 3 and HealthGuide 4.  The Care Connect benefit will be added to First Cover and First Cover Extra.  Irish Life Health will amend the contributions of the Sexual Health Screening (Simple 2 Test, Standard 6 Test and HPV Test) benefits and the Baby Swimming Classes benefit across a number of plans.   

Full details can be found at the end of the page below. 

All changes apply to new and renewing customers as of 01.01.2023

Irish Life Health Prices 01.01.2023
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Irish Life Health Benefit Changes 01.01.2023
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