Irish Life Health price and benefit changes 01.11.2018

Irish Life Health will change the premiums of 6 plans (Health Plan 16.1, Be Fit 2, Be Fit 2.1, Health Plan 13, Business Plan Hospital + and Best Smart ILH) on 1 November 2018. Net adult premiums will reduce from -2 to -6%. The child’s price on Health Plan 13 and Business Plan Hospital + will be reduced and the child’s price on Health Plan 16.1, Be Fit 2 and Be Fit 2.1 will be increased. Full details of these price changes can be found .

Irish Life Health will make a number of benefit changes across 36 plans on 1 November 2018, all benefit changes can be seen .

Changes include:

Addition of Gender Reassignment benefit
Genetic Testing benefits
Minor Injury Clinic (HSE) benefit.
Irish Life Health will also make a number of benefit changes to 4 Personalised Packages within its Range of 8 Personalised Packages and to 2 extra dimensions within its Range of 6 Personalised Packages.

Irish Life Health will also change its claim rules for members renewing or joining from 1 November 2018.  From this date Irish Life Health will only accept day to day and outpatient claims where the receipts are submitted within six months of the end of corresponding policy year.

ILH Price Changes 01.11.2018
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ILH Benefit Changes 01.11.2018
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