Irish Life Health price and benefit changes – 1 January 2024

Price changes

On 1 January 2024, Irish Life Health will change the price of 165 of its plans. This is due to a change in the tax relief at source rate. To learn more about this change, go to tax relief at source changes in 2024. 

To see the new prices, download the Irish Life Price Changes file at the end of this page.

Benefit Changes

On 1 January 2024, Irish Life Health will make benefit changes to the following plans:

  • Better Select ILH
  • HealthGuide 1
  • HealthGuide 2
  • HealthGuide 3
  • HealthGuide 4
  • MyPlan 150 
  • MyPlan 150 Day to Day
  • MyPlan 350
  • MyPlan 350 Day to Day
  • MyPlan 500
  • MyPlan 500 Day to Day

To see what benefits are changing, download the Irish Life Benefit Changes file at the end of this page. 

Irish Life Price Changes

Excel 31.31 KB

Irish Life Benefit Changes

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