Laya Healthcare Price and Benefit Changes 01.07.2022

Laya Healthcare have announced price changes on a number of schemes, please see attached pricing template for details:

FileLaya Healthcare - Standard plan type - July (1).xlsx

These changes will apply to new and renewing members from the 1st of July

Laya Healthcare have also announced the following benefit changes as of the 1st of July:


69 schemes will have the ‘Pre and Post Natal’ benefit removed
47 schemes will have 6 benefits added for Maternity: 
a. Car Parking Expenses
b. New Parents Food Allowance
c. Baby Massage Classes
d. Maternity Bra
e. Breastfeeding Consultations
f. Antenatal classes/midwifery services 

16 schemes will have benefit addition/adjustment for Maternity Yoga/Pilates
32 schemes will have benefit addition for 3D/4D Scans
26 schemes will have benefit addition for Adult Counselling – Counsellors and Therapists, 
13 schemes will have benefit addition for Menopause Support Package and 12 schemes will 
have the addition of benefit for IUS (Procedure and device) and Vasectomy

47 schemes will have benefit addition for Play Therapy. 

Please refer to the excel file ‘Benefit 
Changes July 22’ for full detail


FileBenefit Changes July 22.xlsx


In addition to relevant benefit amendments listed above, 360 Care Select will have the 
following changes: 

a. There will be a new benefit for Gender Affirmation Support up to €5,000 per 
b. There will be a new benefit for Vaccinations – Adults up to €50 per year
c. Maternity Outpatient Consultations will now be refunded up to €1,000
d. The Paediatric First Aid benefit will increase to €100
e. The benefit for Multi Disciplinary Childhood Assessment will increase to €1,000
f. Quickcare will increase to €300 per visit
g. The fracture clinic benefit will increase to €150 for a consultation and €75 for an 
h. The Digital Dietician and Digital Physiotherapy benefits will be unlimited
i. The following fertility benefits will be removed
i. Initial Fertility Consultation
ii. First Steps Fertility
iii. Fertility Counselling
iv. Fertility Preservation
j. Home Testing benefit will increase to €100
k. Prescription benefit will increase to €30 per receipt
l. Optical benefit will increase to €200
m. Benefit will be included for Laser Eye Surgery up to €200 per eye per lifetime
n. Speech and Language Therapy will no longer be limited to 12 visits
o. The benefit for Neurodevelopment Assessment - Adults will increase to €1,000
p. The following benefits will no longer have a combined limit of 36 visits: 
i. Acupuncture
ii. Osteopath
iii. Chiropractor
iv. Physical therapy
v. Reflexology
vi. Homeopathy
q. Benefit for HRT for Gender Dysphoria will increase to €1,000
r. Benefit for the Approved Sports Appliances will increase to €100

The following 5 schemes will have benefit added for 6 face to face/video/phone counselling
a. Assure Protect
b. Assure Vitality
c. Assure Health
d. Assure Ideal
e. Transform Entry