Laya Healthcare Price and Benefit Changes 01.11.2022

Laya Healthcare have announced the following price and benefit changes as of 01.11.2022

Laya will end the free child offer on Essential Connect Health. 

SimplyHealth Plus 500 has been renamed to SimplyHealth Extra and will have the following


  • Daycase excess for Private and Hi Tech Hospitals will reduce to €75 per claim
  • Inpatient excess for Private Hospitals (including the Beacon) will reduce to €100 and is payable twice per member per year
  • Inpatient excess for the Mater Private and Blackrock Clinic will reduce to €150 per claim
  • The Childhood Development Assessment benefit will increase to allow 50% up to €400 per lifetime
  • Quickcare benefit will increase to €300
  • GP Live, Digital Dietician and Digital Physiotherapy visits will be unlimited
  • GP visits will have an increased benefit of 75% refund
  • Home Testing Kit benefit will increase to 50% up to €60
  • Hospital Casualty benefit will increase to up to €80 per visit
  • The number of visits for Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy will increase to 25 visits each
  • Benefit will be added for Vasectomy, 50% up to €250 per lifetime 
  • Benefit will be added for IUS - Device, 50% up to €100 per year and IUS - Procedure, 50% up to €150 per year
  • Benefit will be added for the Menopause Support Package up to €200 per year

Simply Health Extra will be priced at €1381.39 per adult and €415.60 per child. 


All changes apply to new and renewing customers as of 01/11/2022.