Laya Healthcare price decreases, child offers and benefit changes 01.04.2022

Laya Healthcare have announced price decreases across the following 5 plans:

  • Assure Protect
  • Assure Vitality
  • Flex 500 Explore
  • Signify
  • Signify Plus

Laya have announced they will be removing the free child offer on the following plans as of 01.04.2022:

  • Essential Connect Family
  • Essential Health 300


The free child offer of pay for your first child and the second to forth children are free will be launching on the following plans:

  • Advantage 125 Explore
  • Advantage 125 Plus
  • Flex 125 Choice
  • Flex 125 Plus
  • Flex 175 Explore


Full price details can be found below:

FileLaya Healthcare April22.xlsx


Laya have announced the following benefit changes as of 01.04.2022:

  • 117 plans will have the addition of a direct payment benefit for an x-ray carried out in the Fracture Clinic in approved minor injury and illness centres. This will be available immediately for all members on these plans.
  • 72 plans will have an increased benefit for eyebrow tattooing, the increased benefit is available for new and renewing members.
  • 27 plans will have the Healthcare Concierge benefit added to the plan from 1st April 2022.
  • The ‘Evolve’ and ‘Power’ plans will have an increase from 5 visits to 6 for the face to face/video/phone counselling benefit.

This is available immediately to all members on these plans.

The ‘Momentum’ plan will have the following amendments from 1st April 2022:

  • Addition of 6 face to face/video/phone counselling
  • Addition of Private Hospitals for Psychiatric and Drug and Alcohol treatment
  • Addition of benefit for Genetic Testing Consultation
  •  Addition of benefit for Genetic Screening

FileBenefit Changes April 22.xlsx


New rules changes will apply to all plans except Connect Simplicity – full details can be found below.

PDF iconRule Changes April 22.pdf