Laya Healthcare price update & benefit changes 01.05.2021

Laya Healthcare have announced that there will be a price change on the Connect Simplicity scheme, effective the 1st of May

Connect Simplicity will increase from €1360.18 to €1414.79 per adult and from €310.98 to €321.86 per child. 

Young adult rates will also increase on the policy from €680.09 to €707.40

The following benefit changes will be made to Connect Simplicity:

The ‘Adult counsellors- Counsellors and Therapists’ benefit will change from “No cover” to “50% of 
costs - 8 visits up to €40 per visit”

The benefit for ‘Face to face/Video/Phone Counselling’ benefit available under the 24/7 Mental 
Wellbeing Support Programme will increase from 5 visits to 6 visits.

All of the above changes apply to new and renewing customers from the 1st of May 2021