Laya price increase, free child rates and benefit changes 01.09.2019

Laya Healthcare will have a price increase on four plans: 360 Care, 360 Care Select, Simply Health Choice and Essential Connect Health. 


The 360 Care will increase to €2088.18 per adult and to €543.02 per child.

The 360 Care Select will increase to €1867.00 per adult and to €480.86 per child.

The Simply Health Choice will increase to €1183.75 per adult and to €282.90 per child.

Finally Essential Connect Health will increase to €1634.94 per adult. Free child rates will be available on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th children on the policy. The 1st child will be €425.80 

Young adult rates will also increase for the above plans. 


360 Care and 360 Care Select will also have the following two benefits added effective September 1st 2019: 

  • Gender Reassignment Surgery Abroad will be covered up to €30,000
  • HRT for Gender Dysphoria will be covered up to €500 per lifetime 



These changes apply to all new and existing consumers from 1st September 2019.