VHI Healthcare Benefit Update and Plan Closure 01.04.23

Benefit Changes 01.04.23

VHI have announced the following benefit changes to the The PMI 04 10

Day to Day Section Maximum is no longer applicable to the following benefits:

Consultant Consultations & Radiology & Pathology professional benefit and technical fees

The visit limit for Consultant Consultations has been removed

The following benefits will be added on a renewal basis:

Vaccination for Chicken Pox- €60 per inoculation (2 per lifetime)

Vaccinations for Meningitis B -€60 per inoculation (2 per lifetime)

 Vasectomy – 50% up to €250 per lifetime

 IUS Hormonal Coil - 50% up to €300 per lifetime

There has been a change in the hospital network to include the following hospitals:

Bon Secours Hospital Cork

Blackrock Clinic

Bon Secours Hospital Galway

Galway Clinic

Bon Secours Hospital Tralee

Plan Closure

Plan P will no longer be available. This product was providing cover for the public levy charge only. This charge will no longer be applicable